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How you or your paralegal draft an estate plan with est8plans software:

  • Login to est8plans and select >>"new client".
  • Enter the client information, and est8plans software will begin to produce appropriate estate planning documents for your client's county and state.
  • The est8plans software will prompt you for additional information needed based on the client information you provide in each step.
  • When est8plans software has gathered all the information it needs to produce an authorized and legally compliant estate plan, the software will allow the drafter to save or print.
  • Depending on the complexity of the plan and your client's goals and objectives, est8plans software may produce two or three document options that require a decision by you.
  • After your document package passes software-driven legal compliance review tests, your documents will likely be available immediately for download. Should your client's fact pattern require review, your documents may be prevented from saving or printing to prevent non-compliant documents from being produced.
  • Print the highly polished and completed document package directly from the web and download your documents to your computer - now ready for client review.
  • After signing, the software may require you to see the >> "funding helper" section to ensure trusts are properly funded or in motion to be funded.

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Register now as an attorney to get started.  Flat rate pricing tab will appear after registration.  Valid email address required, est8plans currently reserves the right to disable instant document generation.  Contacting your account manager is always an option if you have any questions.
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